Dr. Madhu
Super Speciality Hospital

Dr. Madhu
Super Speciality

Dr Madhusudhana Rao Metla

Dr Madhusudhan Rao Metla
MBBS, MD, DM(Neuro)

Dr. M Madhusudhana Rao, MD, DM(Neuro), is a Senior Consultant Neurologist, in Vijayawada. He graduated in Neurology from “Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences” (NIMS), A reputed Medical Institution from South India, and also one of the Oldest Institutions in the country.

He worked in The Global Hospital, Vijayawada in the initial years of his career. During the year 2005, Dr. Madhusudan Rao used to conduct Medical camps in Machilipatnam at his mother’s place with the goal of extending the same to a Super Speciality Hospital in the future… Read More >>

Facilities in Our Vijayawada Branch

  • Comfortable outpatient chamber with help desk facility

  • In-house Diagnostic facilities

    1. Advanced digital Neuro Lab
      1. EEG – For Convulsions disease (fits)
      2. NCS, EMG – for Nervous weakness
      3. BAER – for ear problems
      4. VEP – for eye problems
    2. Advanced Biochemistry, Serology, Pathology specialty lab(Sai Charitha)
      1. Dr. KVN Srikanth MD (path) senior pathologist
      2. Dr. K Sudha MSc(microbiology)
    3. Mobile x-ray facility
  • Physiotherapy – For outpatient and inpatients

  • Advanced digital scans :
    MRI, CT with coordination from Tanuja diagnostics, Vijayawada.

In-Patient Services

  • 24/7 Emergency services.
  • ICU with well trained Staff, Technicians & Intensivist doctor.

  • Ventilator facility for the needy.

  • Operation theatre for Brain, Spine surgeries, General surgery, and any complicated cases.

  • Special rooms – A/C and ordinary.

  • General ward.

  • 24 hrs. Pharmacy availability.

Facilities in Our Machilipatnam Branch

  • Advanced digital MRI & CT scan (in collaboration with Machilipatnam scan center)
  • Advanced Digital Neuro Lab

    1. EEG – for fits disorder and other Neuro related diseases.
    2. ENMG & NCS – Nervous weakness disease.
    3. BAER – For hearing loss disease.
    4. VEP – For Eye & vision Diseases.
  • Central Laboratory

    1. Pathology
    2. Microbiology
    3. Serology
    4. Endocrinology
    5. other Blood Tests (in collaboration with Sai Charitha & Gadde Diagnostics Vijayawada).

Weekly Visits of Other Specialists

  • Neurosurgery

  • Nephrology
  • Rheumatology
  • Cardiology
  • Orthopaedics
  • Pulmonology
  • Endocrinology
  • Vascular Interventions

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I was a patient of Dr. Madhusudhan Rao who was a consultant here. I had a speedy recovery from Neurology Issues and will always be grateful to the Doctor and the Hospital.

Ramanatha Sastry J, Vijayawada

I found Dr. Madhu from Madhu Super Speciality Hospital to be warm kind and capable, he handled surgery of my mom’s (85 years old) very well. My mom is able to walk with a walker now and manage her needs fairly independently. Thank you Dr Madhusudhan Rao sir.

Syed Nausuddin, Vijayawada

Very efficent. careful and well mannaged. Very decent hospital.

Kalavathi M, Bheemavaram

Doctor explained the cause of the issue and also shared the diagnosis in detail. I have come back after the treatment and the doctor spent good amount of time to check my recovery. Very nice Hospital.

Manchem Nagaraju Kumar, Eluru